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Repeat customers

How to create repeat customers

A mistake business owners tend to make when trying to grow their businesses is that they focus on attracting new customers and neglect their existing, or past, customers. The key to building a sustainable business is to ensure you have regular, repeat customers. In fact customer retention is far easier than attracting new customers after all they already know you, […]

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Imposter syndrome

Do you have imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can strike at any time. It can hit you just before you give a presentation, when you are in an important meeting, or pitching to a prospective client or customer. It pushes all your negative self beliefs to the foreground making you anxious. Your  brain becomes overloaded with self doubt, and your self-confidence plummets. You start to think “What the hell am […]

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Business Values

Building your business reputation

Let’s face it, there are a lot of shoddy and unreliable businesses out there. I can’t think of  a single person I know who hasn’t had a bad experience, from bad building contractors to being overcharged by retailers. Unfortunately these rogue traders have led to a general distrust of small businesses making it harder for entrepreneurs to compete against more established firms. […]

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Business Growth Approach

Business growth strategies for entrepreneurs

There is nothing more disheartening to an entrepreneur than business stagnation. This is where you’ve hit the point of having a regular income but there is little or no growth in profits. So how can you grow your business and start generating more revenue? You need to develop a business growth strategy. This is the strategy that specifies what you want […]

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Defining your business brand

Business Branding Explained

New entrepreneurs often make the mistake of thinking that business branding is just having nice logo and website design for their business. But it is so much more. Your business brand represents who you are, what you stand for and sets your customer’s expectation. It shines a spotlight on your business and shows how you are different from your competitors. Your brand […]

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Customer Expectations

Gaining a competitive edge through customer experience

Imagine sitting at a restaurant, the decor is amazing – the perfect setting for a cozy dinner. However after being seated you wait forever for the waitress to take your order. When she does, she is unfriendly and unengaged. When the food eventually arrives, it looks appetising but it is cold and the waitress brushes off your complaints. To add […]

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