Redefining the meaning of work

The millennials have got it right.

They aren’t happy just to earn a salary. They expect more from their jobs. They want their jobs to have meaning and be fulfilling, and that is exactly how it should be.


Us older folks were taught to separate our work and personal lives. Work was there to provide the money we needed so that we could live comfortable lives in the few hours we spent each week not working. But has this approach worked?….No!


More and more people are realising that there is more to work than earning money. Your working life is integral part of who you are. It should enable you to express who you are, and embrace your passions and interests. It should make use of all your talents and skills and provide that sense of fulfilment you can only achieve when you feel like you are doing something important and meaningful.


Your work should reflect your life purpose.


When you have responsibilities and financial obligations it may seem like an impossible and risky dream to give up a stable income to pursue your passions, but this is just your old programming kicking in based on what others have told you in the past. It doesn’t have to be true for you.


You can change your life and do the job you were born to do without it adversely affecting your life. You just have to be strategic in your approach to changing your career.


Why keep struggling with frustration or boredom in your job? When are you going to say, “Enough is enough, I deserve better than this?”


Imagine how different your life would be if you had a career that excites you and makes you feel valued. Just imagine how differently you would feel waking up each morning and getting ready to start the new day.


Isn’t time you stopped wasting your precious time on a job you dislike and started living a life of passion and purpose?

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