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Why some people achieve success and others don’t

As a coach having worked both in South Africa and overseas, I have had the privilege of working with people from many different backgrounds. Some have had privileged upbringings while others have had humble beginnings. I have worked with people from different cultures with different values and beliefs and I have witnessed people from all these different groups achieve success. So what causes […]

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What’s your excuse?

Question: 4 people are sitting on the beach. Two decide to go for a swim. How many are left sitting on the beach? Answer: 4 people. Thinking about doing something and even making a decision to do it does not achieve results. It is only by taking action that you will achieve results. Unfortunately too many people get stuck in the thinking mode. […]

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The Power of Self-Belief

There is a core ingredient to achieving anything in life. It is having self-belief. It is about truly believing that you deserve your goals irrespective of what they are. When you doubt your ability to succeed there is a good chance that your self talk will be negative. Phrases like “That’s impossible”, “I’ll never be about to do it” or […]

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