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Whose life is it anyway?

Too often we give into the influence of others, forgoing our own happiness. Most of the time we do so because we want to avoid confrontation or to be socially accepted. We tell children not to give in to peer pressure and yet that is exactly what we do as adults. The difference is that we see peer pressure in […]

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Understanding your self-doubt

How often do you talk yourself out of doing something that you really want to do? You may talk yourself out of going for a promotion at work, moving home, taking a trip of a life time or even telling yourself that you will fail even though you are on track to achieving success. Self-doubt is a terrible barrier to […]

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Imposter syndrome

Do you have imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome can strike at any time. It can hit you just before you give a presentation, when you are in an important meeting, or pitching to a prospective client or customer. It pushes all your negative self beliefs to the foreground making you anxious. Your  brain becomes overloaded with self doubt, and your self-confidence plummets. You start to think “What the hell am […]

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The Power of Self-Belief

There is a core ingredient to achieving anything in life. It is having self-belief. It is about truly believing that you deserve your goals irrespective of what they are. When you doubt your ability to succeed there is a good chance that your self talk will be negative. Phrases like “That’s impossible”, “I’ll never be about to do it” or […]

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