What’s your excuse?

Question: 4 people are sitting on the beach. Two decide to go for a swim. How many are left sitting on the beach?
Answer: 4 people.

Thinking about doing something and even making a decision to do it does not achieve results. It is only by taking action that you will achieve results. Unfortunately too many people get stuck in the thinking mode. They think about what they want to achieve, they think about the changes they want to make and some even get around to setting goals. But that is where they stop. So what happens? – absolutely nothing.

I have met some fantastic people in my coaching career and the main difference between those that become successful and those that don’t, is that the successful people always take action.  It doesn’t matter if you have a brilliant, viable business idea, if you don’t act on your ideas you will not succeed.

What’s stopping you?

Coaching is about helping clients achieve their goals through positive action, but for some clients getting off the starting block can be difficult. Not because their decided actions are impossible but because they put obstacles in their own way to avoid taking those first few steps. So what are the most common blockages to success?

The idea is appealing but the actions are not

Some people just love being creative and coming up with ideas. They love to talk about their ideas and are constantly thinking about what they could do, however actually knuckling down and taking the required action just seems like hard work so they just don’t bother.

Striving for perfection 

While it is true that quality is of the utmost importance in any business, some people get too bogged down in the planning stage as they want a guarantee that their product or service will be perfect from the get go, and that their launch will be smooth. They get carried away with planning to not only minimise risk but to eliminate it all together. So instead of starting to work on their business, they spend all their time planning.

Just too busy, and other excuses

Just like “my dog ate my homework”, people can come up with the most creative excuses for not getting started. The “I’m too busy” is a favourite amongst procrastinators as they see being busy with other things as a justifiable excuse. However these excuses are just a cover for their real reasons. A lot of the time they don’t want to take action because they don’t want to fail.

So truth time.
Are you sitting on a great business idea but haven’t taken any action to achieving it? What is stopping you?

If you really want to succeed you have to commit to your idea. You need to plan your actions, and you actually need to follow through on your action steps. Stop putting obstacles in your own way and accept that it will take work, that achieving perfection from the start is probably unrealistic, and that no matter how many excuses you come up with, you will never succeed unless you try.


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